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Taking big steps is often not so comfortable. Leaps might be too big and the fall might be too hard. But sometimes making big steps is inevitable. The only thing you can do to make it easier is reduce your risk and even the road.

No more obstacles to begin with.

Get Fit and ready for the cloud!

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What does the Cloud Fit Test deliver you?

For many organizations, moving their applications to the cloud is big step. And, although the cloud offers many advantages, the road to the cloud might be a bumpy one. Cloud market leader Microsoft already smoothens the road for you by offering their easygoing Azure Cloud. However, every step – whether big or small - needs some preparation.

// Know if your code is a good fit for the Microsoft Azure cloud
// Warnings and potential threats are identified and flagged
// Intuitive dashboards to work with
// Experts insights by Omnext and Betabit


Working together on a smooth transition

At Omnext and Betabit, our goal is to take you by the hand during your journey to the cloud. We offer you the Cloud Fit Test which makes sure you know your applications are fit to move to the Azure cloud. Based on the results, Betabit can help you in making the perfect cloud migration plan.

Get answer on questions like:

// What dependencies within your application should be taken into account?
// Are there references to local infrastructure?
// What about your database?

When you even the road: the transition will be smooth and fast.


Your transition timeline

A lot of times, people neglect to look at the software, the code underlying it, before embarking on a migration. What the Cloud Fit Test does is find the things in your application that could present a problem. It identifies problems that could affect performance, scalability, security or stability when moving from an on-premises infrastructure into a private or public cloud.

Where do we start?

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is known as today’s most reliable and most secure cloud platform available. With an uptime guarantee of 99.95% or higher it can boast incredibly high availability. Furthermore, it delivers flexibility via hybrid capabilities and its wide range of cloud services and features. Using Azure also means being future-proof. Enable yourself to collect data from smart Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, allowing you to develop intelligence applications powered by Microsoft Cortana Intelligence.


of Fortune 500 companies
use the Microsoft Cloud


datacenter regions


new Azure customer
subscriptions per month
Global compliancy standards
Ratified by the Dutch central bank
Extremely secure
Regional data storage
High privacy standards
Scale as you grow, pay as you go

A partnership between two marketleaders

Omnext helps your organization in becoming future-proof. Our goal is to provide the capability to control and accelerate not only (outsourced) software development, but also maintenance, modernization and rationalization processes. Control and monitoring lead to improved agility and quality and thereby risk & cost reduction. We can help you to deliver superior performance, right now and in the future by mapping out risks and putting them in context to create hands-on information to improve, change and become future-proof. The same comes for the cloud – do you know if you’re ready?

Betabit enables companies to outperform their competitors by making them smarter and more agile. Being the first software development company in the Netherlands with 100% commitment to the Microsoft Azure cloud, Betabit may consider itself the undisputed leader in the field. High-end Azure services combined with years of DevOps experience are in the core of every application we launch. These skills and knowledge form the foundations of the Cloud Fit Test.

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